Delivering a novel social manufacturing platform to enable multi-stakeholder interactions and collaborations to support user-driven open-innovation and co-creation.

iProduce is a “living lab” activity developed around Excelcar to help start-ups and SMEs in the mobility sector to co-build their products with their future customers. A network of FabLab in 9 European countries that gives SMEs and start-ups in the West of France access to European markets.

The main objectives of iProduce are to :

  • Develop digital tools (OpIS) and creative methodologies to facilitate interactions between SMEs, Fablabs, Makers and Consumers.
  • Establish business models according to different industrial contexts or collaborative ecosystems (cMDF)
  • Develop a “DIY toolbox” dedicated to SMEs and allowing to involve users/consumers

All these steps will be carried out with the aim of bringing these different actors together at a local/regional level:

  • Engage them with co-creation approaches, collaborative challenges, co-development of innovative products, etc.
  • Converge the good practices and methods of industrialists (especially SMEs) and communities of “makers”.

The main benefits for local actors are that they can benefit from a support offer in the co-construction of an innovative product/service, the definition of the business model or the implementation of the PoC. They can also integrate the consumer in order to adapt the product/service to its market, and have access to industrial equipment for the operational development of the product/service (or its prototype).

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