Smart Energy Aware Systems

SEAS (Smart Energy Aware Systems) is a European project by KERLINK which aims to enable all players in the electricity market to interact in real time with energy production and consumption systems and smart grids in order to optimise overall energy consumption: development of a technological brick linked to the recharging of car batteries.

Environmental and economic challenges and the continuous increase in energy consumption are present all over the world. Meeting these challenges requires inter-industry cooperation and tools to enable consumers to identify their energy consumption in terms of quantity and type of energy consumed. The SEAS project wants to address the problem of inefficient and unsustainable energy consumption, mainly due to a lack of sufficient technical means to control, monitor, evaluate and adapt the energy consumption of systems in relation to dynamic use situations and circumstances that influence energy consumption.

The objective of the SEAS project is to enable interoperability of energy producing systems, ICT and automation systems of consumption sites, and to introduce solutions based on dynamic technologies to control and monitor the estimation of energy consumption. A second aim is to explore business models and solutions that will enable energy market players to integrate micro-grid environments and reactive customers. The objective of the project includes the introduction of new digital services allowing a pro-active adaptation of consumption behaviour to changes in usage, energy costs, availability of energy sources according to weather/climate/season, while making stakeholders (e.g. utilities and consumers) aware of the changes and their impacts. The new digital services of the SEAS project will be aimed at buildings and micro network environments and their involved partners. The results of the SEAS project will enable a significant increase in the energy efficiency of buildings and facilitate the deployment of micro-grid networks integrating renewable energies, helping to address the environmental and economic challenges of sustainable energy consumption.

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