Testing field

Our territory is a recognized demonstration site and testing field

Smart Mobility

In order to provide experimental sites for the cluster’s projects, which are essential for testing the products and services resulting from its R&D, and for validating technologies, uses and acceptability before they are put on the market, ID4CAR has joined forces with the metropolises of Rennes and Nantes to create “living labs”. These “living labs” will provide companies with test sites, infrastructures and testers’ samples according to the companies’ needs, thus enabling them to reach the market more easily.

Monter en compétences sur le standard

ID4CAR est partenaire d’InOut et veille à ce que les PME et entreprises bénéficient du dispositif d’expérimentations

ID4CAR accompanies its network and communities in experimental projects of autonomous shuttles!

Smart Manufacturing

To ensure an increase in skills, make companies and research visible and develop, the cluster supports technological and industrial innovation platforms and develops structuring actions.

Développer la filière numérique véhicule

A unique industrial testing platform


To encourage cooperation between industry and research leaders

Key topics applicable to ID4CAR’s activities: 5G, IoT, AI, VR

Key topics applicable to ID4CAR’s activities: robotics, cobotics, simulation and modelisation